Outdoor School

Our outdoor approach aims to provide learning in interplay between experience, observation and reflection based on concrete experience in authentic situations.

Outdoor learning involves an interdisciplinary research which consider, among other things:


The learning space being moved out into life in society, the natural and cultural environment.


The interplay between sensory experience and book-learning being emphasized.


The importance of place being underlined.

At the Outdoor International Primary School the natural environment is regarded not only as a way of learning but also as the place and the object of learning.

Learning in the cultural and natural environment is more than an opportunity for fresh air and exercise. Linguistic concepts are incorporated through firsthand experience and direct physical contact with the phenomenon outdoors. Outdoor education enables interaction between emotions, actions and thoughts to take place.


Our activities in the outdoor take place in environments such as botanical gardens, zoos and natural and cultural history museums prepared for educational activities and purposes and in environments such as our cities, cultivated, forested and water landscapes.

Since all children spend a large part of the day in school, at the Outdoor International Primary School we are aware that the school’s ways of arranging learning play an important role in the development of their health and ability to learn.

Outdoor Internationa Primary school Altopascio

Our approach outdoor helps our students develop self-confidence, teamwork, leadership skills, problem solving and responsibility while fostering a greater appreciation for nature and the environment.


In our School, we help students develop a respect for the environment and build skill sets that will encourage a lifetime of discovery in the outdoors.

We strive to nurture our students’ curiosity and help them feel at home in the outdoors.


We introduce students to a range of activities and environments while challenging them to make meaningful connections to the classroom—and to their lives.


While many of our activities function as important extensions of the classroom, others focus on developing individual skills.


As students take more responsibility for their own well-being, they become comfortable acting independently.


New environments and new issues encourage them to become critical thinkers and work collaboratively as they solve problems or resolve conflicts together.


And with teachers there every step of the way, students are able to grow in a safe, supportive environment..


Our outdoor program fosters a unique sense of community. Students learn to trust, challenge, and support each other on trips and every child is an integral part of the experience.

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